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Title: Demo coming soon
Post by: Freddy on April 25, 2020, 07:36:37 PM
This is a browser based game and I aim to be compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Edge. So far that is working out.

To start things off, in a couple of weeks I hope to have a demo up and running. It will just be a few locations and dialog to see how things shape up. I need to check if it works for others as well as me. And I need to know if I am getting the mechanics of the text system right.

Later things like combat and dice rolls with a simple system will be introduced. It's not going to be exhaustive, just to add some interest rather than a main driving feature.

After the testing period, I aim to start work on the full game.

Most of the artwork will be original. I use Daz Studio a lot and Photoshop. I think I am close to the right look for the first game. The title of the first game is to be decided.

Attached is the bare bones starting stage of the interface. It is not finalised.