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Title: Demo progressing
Post by: Freddy on May 02, 2020, 04:22:06 PM
Just a little update as I go along.

I've got the framework of the game set up now and have integrated it so that it is connected to your account here (basically the forum registration system). This allows me to better control how the game is accessed and to add nice little features along the way - perhaps things like achievements that get posted on site or to your profile.

This means too that at a later date a player can store saved games. That kind of thing I will work on later. The way it is at the moment, you can carry on from where you last left off.

There will be four characters to choose from to play the game as. Two males and two female. Each will have their own stats which will alter the way the game progresses for things like dice rolls and skill tests. The dice rolling is now tied into the system and can be called on to determine an outcome.

As I develop the game I will design it so that there is more than one way to affect an outcome. For example, just because a character might not be strong enough to break down a door, there will still be alternative courses of action.

The story and text is starting to take shape, but I am only quickly writing dialogue as I go along. Of course as I originally designed ElfScript to build chatbots, a lot of the stuff I designed will come in useful for the game. Such as chat logs - I can monitor the kind of things people are inputting and add or adjust the patterns and responses to make it better.
Title: Re: Demo progressing
Post by: Freddy on May 03, 2020, 08:32:06 PM
I decided I would work on the save game feature after all.

You can now save your position in the game and return to it later and resume. You just click a save button.

Later you can go to the forum and there will be a new menu item that takes you to your saved games. It then pulls the character and location graphics, together with all the data associated with that save point.

Enough words, here's a picture!