Character Stats

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Character Stats
« on: May 02, 2020, 04:35:27 PM »
A little about stats, which I aim to keep quite simple.

So far I have these:

Charisma :  Comes into play during interaction with NPCs - say getting gossip or some useful information.

Intelligence : For those occasions when a puzzle needs solving or some activity requires some level of thought.

Strength : Physical strength - knocking down doors and beating up the perps.

Mythos : This includes Cthulhu lore and more widely the occult - it may help understanding some old book or interpreting meanings and events.

Combat : A general skill for all combat. I'm not going to do all sorts of guns (at least not atm), so this skill will affect fist fights and ranged weapons too etc. etc. It's really a measure of how well a character can look after themselves.

Skill : A catch all skill that can be used widely - say driving an unfamiliar car, climbing a precarious rope or repairing something.

Hit Points : A measure of health which will likely be familiar. Briefly your hit points go down if you are injured. Get too low and you might struggle or even die.

These are not set in stone.


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