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Title: Useful Commands
Post by: Freddy on May 10, 2020, 07:00:35 PM
Useful commands that you can use in the game.

"Look", "Where am I?", "What is my location?" - things like that give a brief description of your location. This is also done when you first enter an area/room automatically.

"Go to the ..." - The main way to move around is to use go to.

"Examine the item", "Read the item" - interacts with an object nearby or in your possession. You get a description, sometimes with an image.

"Get", "Pick up" - if possible the item is added to your inventory.

"Inventory", "What do I have" etc - Tells you what you are carrying.

"Who am I" - will show your bio - a work in progress...

"Hint" - If you get stuck you can type this and you might get a random hint.

If there's an NPC nearby you will usually be able to talk to them, like a chatbot - currently their responses are limited, but they will be developed as time goes on to make them more interesting to talk to.